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Customers Use Cases

Extra Rental Income

The owner needed working capital for renovating a new investment property. Xuper Funding approved the deal within 24 hours and funded the business next day. The renovation completed within 2 weeks and owner got extra rental income from the project.

Renovate a new Property​

Famous cafe in Manhattan downtown. Xuper Funding facilitated the owner $100k to acquire another cafe nearby. The investment closed within a week and the owner almost doubled his cash flow and improved operational efficiency.

Evade supply-chain trouble

The owner needed ensure they are stocked up with speciality ingredients coming from vendors in China as he expected supply disruptions.

Shortly after the funding, these unique ingredients price skyrocketed x2. We’re very impressed by the owner’s smart decision and timely action!

Opening a New Branch

A chain of wellness centers needed a quick funding to make a downpayment on on another location for opening new branch. Xuper Funding approved and funded the business in one day. The new branch store successfully opened after 2 months of renovation and gained better-than-expected customer flow.